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Grateful Moment

This is my strange and grateful moment in my life.i will never forget it.i will always remember her kindness

When i was 2nd grade,after me and my mom running in gasibu,we go to sunday seasonal market near geology museum and cisangkuy street.My mother was looking around for dress,and it's so long to wait for her.And i go to the cakue seller and see how to create cakue.I see when the dough is made.And it takes around 30 minutes when i see it.And when i go back to the stand,my mother was gone.And i dont haveI was looking for her.I look for her to the Lansia park.And i didnt found her.And i shouted "mama,mama!".But i still cant found her.I was crying at that time.But people around me look like dont care.They just see me crying without giving help.And i decided to go back to the stand.I am still crying when i arrived there.And there is a woman who come up to me.She said "who are you looking for?" and i reply "I was looking for my mom".She a…

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